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Auto LPG Dispensing stations

Auto LPG Dispensing Station  Auto LPG Dispenser

Auto LPG Dispenser : Single / Dual Nozzle flow rate 6 lit/min. to 60 lit/min.

Housing (Material of construction : Electrostatic Coated steel),
Hydraulic System comprising of a Filter, Gas Separator, Flow Meter, Differential Valve, Hoses & Nozzle

Electronic System with Backlit LCD 1”

Amount 6 figures variable decimal point
Volume 5 figures variable decimal point
Unit Price 4 figures variable decimal point

The Dispenser shall have either price or volume preset.
The Dispenser shall be stylized & painted as per the color scheme of client by client

LPG Above Ground Pump : This pump will be used as a booster pump. The pump proposed is a regenerative turbine
   type pump of Make “Anil”. This is above ground mounting pump. The motor used for pumping unit will be a flameproof
   motor of 5.1 KW.

LPG Storage Vessel : We have given the estimated prices for various capacity tanks. You may directly place the order
   for tank to us specification will be provided by us. The design pressure shall be 14.5 Kg/cm2. Cost is not included in the




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